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Thermal Dispersants

Thermal Dispersant Coatings create a chemical and corrosion resistant film that increases the ability of a coated part to radiate heat. TDC provides for more even distribution of heat over the coated surface and moves it rapidly away. TDC is blended with lubricating agents which aid in keeping a coated part clean. Dirt and debris cannot get a good grip and become easier to clean off. The appearance of coated parts depends on the surface texture, the coating will show a semi gloss appearance on machined surfaces and a satin appearance on rough textures. Both finishes are very eye appealing.

Get an engine up to 20% cooler with Thermal Dispersants Coating.  This coating works on Air Cooled Engines, Radiators, Engine Blocks, Turbo Inter-coolers, and much more...



  • Has oil shedding properties so it works great inside oil pans
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cooler running engine
  • Easy to clean