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Rachel Greenberg

Drag Racing

To Bobby - Synergy Coatings:

Thanks for your help in 2009!

7.56 ET@ 175MPH

Rachel Greenberg



After coating all the exhaust to the muffler including the turbo housing on our 1982 Eagle bus motorhome with a 6V92 Detroit Diesel it showed an improvement in performance and cooling.  On our first outing pulling the same hills as before we ran about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than before.  Before the coating we were running about 200 degrees and cool down took a lot longer.  Now the water temp never gets over 190 and it cools down to 180 faster.  We have also noticed the engine bay is much cooler after running hard so the heat is going right out the tailpipe.  I would recommend this be done on all motor homes for improvement on the heat control.  A 10-15 degree gain is a bunch on this type of equipment. 


Eddie Corbin

Albuquerque, NM

Spring 2012


September 2012 

My name is Randy Guest and I have a 1968 Chevelle Super Sport that I race in NHRA Stock Eliminator Class. It is a C-Stock Automatic 3680 pound car with 375 Horse Power 396 Cubic Inch motor. Before I had my headers coated by Bobby Roy at Team Synergy Coatings the temperature of my car was 200 degrees at the end of the quarter mile pass. I ran my car for the first time at the Summit Racing Nationals in Las Vegas Nevada in 2012. The coating dropped the temperature 20 degrees. It never got above 180 degrees which really impressed me because my car’s block is poured, which means I only get water in the heads and manifold.  Not only that the appearance of the headers looks great. To date this was also my fastest pass at a 10:94 ET at 122 MPH.

Thanks Bobby, your coating is awesome.

Randy Guest,

Guest Racing

Car #4008 C/SA

September 2012 

Team Synergy Coatings

5940-A Midway Park Blvd

Albuquerque, NM. 87109

Bubby Roy,

This is to let you know that I'm very pleased with the Cerakote that you applied to my Remington 700.  The coating is holding up very well and the friction between the bolt and reciever is almost nill due to the Cerakote.  There is some wear on the bolt where it passes over the round in the magazine.  The muzzle collects carbon from shooting, but is easy to clean. 


Attached is a photo of the rifle in it's green stock.  It's an interesting contrast between the tan of the Cerakote and the green stock.




Santa Fe, NM