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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a dry paint which is applied in powder form.  The powder is electro statically charged and applied to the grounded part adhering the powder to the surface. The part is oven cured causing the particles to melt and bond to achieve the desired coating. Most any metal object can be powder coated. We specialize in automotive parts. 

Benefits of powder coating:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chip/abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Environmentally safe-no waste of solvents or volatile organic compounds
  • EPA approved

Due to the increased popularity of powder coatings,  color choices have grown tremendously since its introduction in the U.S. almost 40 years ago. Color choices range from metallic to regular solid tones, as well as a multitude of textures and multi-tonal effects. We also specialize in two-color options.  There are many choices that we offer to suit your needs.  Custom color matching service is also available, however, keep in mind that the turnover rate is slower as well as more costly. Contact Bobby for more details.

RAL Exterior Colors

This just a sampling of colors available.  Click here to view the entire color selection brochure. 

Want a special effect?

Add Fluorescent, Hammertones,transparent, clear or even some Candy colors.  Click here to view the entire Special Effects brochure.

Metallic Colors

Get Fancy with Pearlescents, Glitter or HolographicClick here for the entire Metallic brochure.


Want some Anti-Graffiti  to protect your prized possession? 

Click here to see the entire Specialties brochure.