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Dry-Film Lubricants  Internal Engine Coating

Dry-Film Lubricants are used to protect internal engine parts like, pistons, and crank bearings from the harshness of engine frictions. It can maintain its effectiveness from pressures in excess of 350,000 PSI, and temperatures rising past 1600°F.  Cermalube™  creates a hard, semi rigid coating that can handle impacts as well as part expansion, making it one of the toughest lubricating coating on the market today. Whether used in light duty applications, or the toughest high load, high speed and temperature situations, we choose Cermalube™.  Coating cures to a glass like finish, with a thickness of  ".001" or less.  Give us a call for any other questions you might have, including pricing.


Benefits of Dry-Film Lubricants

  • Attracts & holds oil - eliminating dry start ups
  • Maintains coating effectiveness and part protection from base metal temperatures in excess of 1600° F
  • Thermal shock is no problem, handling the tough cycle of part heating and cooling with ease
  • The semi rigid ceramic finish can handle impacts as well as part expansion and contraction without separation
  • The load capability of the pigments are in excess of 350,000 PSI
  • Inhibits oxidation as well as resistance from chemicals and acids

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